Stormtide @ the BC Geelong w/ Aeonian, The Ascended and The Nuremberg Code


It may be April Fools day but we are dead serious about our metal!

With $5 for 4 bands this night is a great deal (a $10 note will buy you a ticket AND a beer – fuck!) What excuse do you have to not come down and party with us!?

Stormtide will be playing the last show in their home town before taking the stage alongside Eluveitie in May so let’s make this a real party.

Joining us will be:

The ever awesome, The ever heavy, The refreshingly effervescent –

The Nuremberg Code

Our best mates from even further down under than us (Warnam-fucking-bool) –

The Ascended

And for the first time in our humble little town, the masters of melancholic melodic maladies –



Set times to be announced.