Hybrid Nightmares ‘The Fourth Age’ CD Launch


After three successful CD launches and two SOLD OUT shows for 2015 Hybrid Nightmares are gearing up for their biggest ritual yet and will bring ‘The Ages’ cycle to a triumphant end with release of ‘The Fourth Age’.

Hailed as one of Melbourne’s most exciting live bands Hybrid Nightmares will bring their chaotic and theatrical live show to The Prince Bandroom and have assembled a legion of Melbourne’s finest metal bands for what will be a night of pure metal madness. Hybrid Nightmares will be running fun and games throughout the night and invite you to stay for the return of one of Melbourne’s favourite Heavy Metal Clubs running for one night only as the official post gig after party in the (same venue.)

About The Fourth Age

“The violent orchestrations of warfare give way to the cacophony of universal doom. The Third Age concludes in a wave of blood and smoke, the forces of light retreating before the crimson-midnight horrors and star devouring nightmares that herald in the New Age on ebony trumpets carved from the black heart of a twisted species. This is the Age of Destruction. All that is good is abandoned as the universal order is plunged into chaos and gibbering madness, the laws of reality rent and torn like an ephemeral funeral shroud worn in mourning for a cosmos without hope of redemption. In this Age, the ancient powers that maintain vigil over the universe become avatars of destruction and like primordial forces of nature, rage and crush all of creation beneath their fiery tread. The last of the light is dying, it fades on the horizon and with the closing of the day; so shall a night of unfathomable darkness descend to extinguish all hope, all will and all thought. This will be the ending of the Ages, the final Act in the cosmic tragedy, this is the Fourth Age”

Get your copy of The Fourth Age and all other HN merch goodies here (use promo code ‘Obelisk’ for 25% off)


Joining Hybrid Nightmares on the night are





Behold the Defiant

Presale tickets are $15 and can be bought from your favourite band or the Hybrid Nightmares store. (Use the following codes to receive $5 off your ticket price: Obelisk, Naberus, Deciamtus, Stormtide, Trigger, Behold The Defiant)

Tickets will be $20 on the door.

Limited $30 V.I.P Tickets are also availaible (VIP lanyard, entry before doors, dressign room & backstage access, Priority turns in mini games, photo with Obelisk Staff)

This show will sell out so get your tickets now!